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Trevor Langan

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Trevor Langan
Trevor Langan
Name Trevor Langan
Title Senior Partner
Affiliation Henshall & Langan
Occupation Defense Attorney
Status Alive
Actor Peter Hermann
First Appearance "Monogamy"

Trevor Langan is a high-priced Defense Attorney and Senior Partner at Henshall & Langan. (SVU: "Pure") His clients included pension plan managers; his reputation was such that, when Olivia Benson was framed for murder by a recently-released rapist she and Stabler had arrested, her friends pooled their resources to hire Langan to represent her.

Langan seemed to have a good relationship with Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Cabot. They went out on a dinner together. (SVU: "Angels")

He was also acquainted with Cabot's successor Casey Novak. Novak - who prosecuted White Collar crime before transferring to SVU - claimed that, for the most part, his clients only "screw employees out of pension plans". (SVU: "Serendipity")

Actor Peter Hermann is married to Mariska Hargitay, who plays Detective Olivia Benson.


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