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Trevor Langan
Trevor Langan
Name Trevor Langan
Title Senior Partner
Affiliation Henshall & Langan
Occupation Defense Attorney
Status Alive
Actor Peter Hermann
First Appearance "Monogamy"
Last Appearance "Surrendering Noah"

Trevor Langan is a high-priced Defense Attorney and Senior Partner at Henshall & Langan. (SVU: "Pure") His clients included pension plan managers; his reputation was such that, when Olivia Benson was framed for murder by a recently-released rapist she and Stabler had arrested, her friends pooled their resources to hire Langan to represent her.

Langan seemed to have a good relationship with Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Cabot. They went out on a dinner date together. (SVU: "Angels")

He was also acquainted with Cabot's successor Casey Novak. Novak, who prosecuted White Collar crime before transferring to SVU, claimed that, for the most part, his clients only "screw employees out of pension plans". (SVU: "Serendipity")




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