Trey Greenway
Trey Greenway's Interrogation
Name Trey Greenway
Affiliation Vampyre Sacrifice
Occupation Musician
Status Alive
Actor Bryce Ryness
First Appearance "P.C."

Trey Greenway is the lead singer and sole official member of the death metal band "Vampyre Sacrifice." He is played by Bryce Ryness.


Though Greenway is the sole official member of his band, he often hires backup bands to perform with him. As a death metal musician, he likes to present himself as a vampire. The trouble is, he seems to believe that the is, as do many of his loyal fans. Greenway has been known to bite the necks of his groupies in order to drink their blood, which apparently has given him a criminal record.

In an abandoned restaurant where the brutal rape and murder of a young woman was discovered by a cell phone thief, and then the police officer who was chasing him, graffiti advertising his band was discovered on the scene by Detective Benson which turned out to have been made with actual blood. Fin, searches on the internet with ease and finds his website where he performs the music video for the song "Brutalized and Left to Die."

Vampyre Sacrifice Website

The official website of Vampyre Sacrifice.

Stabler recognizes his vampire schtick as an attempt to shock and anger parents, and view him as somebody who is just seeking fame. However Fin retrieves his record which reveals charges of assault in once incident, and burglary in another. As Cragen orders Fin to put their yet-to-be identified victim on a "Face Union" page, Benson volunteers to track down Greenway, who she jokingly refers to as "Count Chocula," and takes Stabler with her.

As they enter his 15th Street apartment in Brooklyn, they find he's about to try to turn another one of his fans into one of the undead. Greenway is arrested on the spot as he bites the neck of a young goth blood bank worker named Mina. Once they return to the precinct, Stabler interrogates him not only for his attack on Mina, but the death of the woman who was found murdered. The detective tries to use the lyrics of his songs against him, but he insists that it's strictly a form of art and free expression. Eventually he admits he was auditioning a backup band in the Bronx on the night that the crime took place, which was actually found to be a plausible alibi.

Meanwhile, as Benson questions the goth girl, she defends the musician's actions. Mina insists that she was a psychic vampire, and Trey was helping her transition to a sanguine one. She also reveals that the blood used for his pentagram graffiti was stolen from work. She defends his crimes, claiming that Greenway feared becoming infected with the A.I.D.S. virus, and before trying to drink her blood insisted that she too got tested for H.I.V. She also bragged about the sex he had with her.

All charges were dropped against Greenway, who's band invited the SVU to a concert. The bloodworker on the other hand was fired from her job for "unauthorized removal of inventory."

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