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Tricia Thornburg

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Tricia Thornburg
Name Tricia Thornburg
Occupation Student
Pathology Murder conspirator
Family Brooke Thornburg (mother)
Walter Thornburg (stepfather)
Brian Thornburg (son with Walter/adoptive brother)
Josh Thornburg (half-brother)
Status Deceased
First Appearance "Justice"
Last Appearance "Justice"

Patricia "Tricia" Thornburg was the daughter of Brooke Thornburg, the stepdaughter of Judge Thornburg, the older half-sister of Josh and the biological mother of Brian. Her biological father left her and her mother when she was five, her mother got a job where she met Thornburg and have been married ever since.

At 11 years old, Tricia had sex with her stepfather and had a son with him, Brian, a year later. Since then, she had been a troubled girl, but had been really crying out for help.

She was killed by her mother after she told her that the father of her grandchild/adoptive son is Walt Thornburg.

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