Tripp Raines
Name Tripp Raines
Occupation Student
Pathology Rapist
Family Andrew Raines (father)
Kathleen Raines (mother)
Arturo Rivera (half-brother)
Unborn child with Ella
Status Deceased
Actor Jacob Kogan
First Appearance "Blood Brothers"

Tripp Raines was a 13-year-old rapist and son of Ambassador Andrew and Kathleen Raines.

Background Edit

On July 4, Tripp invited his childhood friend and secret half-brother Arturo Rivera to a party. Arturo also invited his friend and crush Ella Mendez. While at the party, Tripp got Ella drunk on spiked lemonade and took her to his bedroom to rape her, convincing Ella that they would be together afterwards.

On SVU Edit

While at her Catholic school, Ella faints and doctors reveal that she is pregnant. SVU tries to get Ella to name her rapist, but she doesn't because she still thinks Tripp is in love with her. Tripp sends flowers to Ella's house to make sure she doesn't turn on him. After finding out Ella is pregnant with his baby, Tripp gives Ella's mother money to pay for an abortion, but Ella still wants to keep her baby. The detectives manage to get to Ella first before the abortion and she reveals that Tripp was indeed her rapist, but is still convinced that they're going to get married and doesn't want to press charges.

Tripp calls Arturo, instructing him to come see him at Central Park and to bring Ella since he wasn't allowed to call her. Ella is excited to see Tripp, thinking they were going to be together like he said, but he had other ideas in mind. Tripp yells at her for not getting the abortion and calls her a "cheap whore", making her cry. Arturo tries to defend Ella, but Tripp blames him and says that it's now up to him to care of the baby. Tripp tries to give Arturo money for Ella's abortion, but he refuses. In anger, Tripp shoves Arturo, rubs his face in the dirt, throws the money on the ground, and walks away. In a bitter rage, Arturo beats Tripp to death with a rock and makes Ella promise not to tell.

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