"True North"
L&O, Episode 9.09
Production number: E0207
First aired: 9 December 1998
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Carmichael True North
Written By
Ed Zuckerman

Directed By
Arthur W. Forney


The investigation of the murders of a man and his daughter leads to the man's wife, a Canadian citizen who flees across the border when she is identified as a suspect. Schiff initially agrees to take capital punishment out of consideration in return for extradition, but when further evidence indicates a pattern of depravity, he and McCoy retract the promise. Although the consulate intervenes on the defendant's behalf, she is found guilty and sentenced to death.


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Guest cast


Canada; Niagara Falls


McCoy: Your good friend Wendy told us that you'd been dumped before. Is that right?
Stephanie: It happens.
McCoy: By a rich boy who treated you like trash. Your father owned a souvenir stand, right?
Stephanie: Yes.
McCoy: Is that why the boy dumped you?
Stephanie: There is nothing wrong with the souvenir stand.
McCoy: Then why were you so desperate to get out of there?
Stephanie: I had some bad memories.
McCoy: Of being dumped because you were poor trash?
Stephanie: Look, I was an idiot! He wanted one thing: My body, and he got it!
McCoy: You weren't gonna let that happen again, were you?
Stephanie: No!
McCoy: From then on, you were going to be the one using people.
Stephanie: I don't use people!
McCoy: How 'bout the used car king? How 'bout your husband?
Stephanie: I helped my husband in a lot of ways!
McCoy: The chairman of a multi-million-dollar software company? How exactly does a drug-whacked daughter of a souvenir stand owner help him?!
Stephanie: There were plenty of things my husband didn't understand. Him and his friends. Jane Austen, like that matters.
McCoy: He understood you, though, didn't he?
Stephanie: What do you mean?
McCoy: He finally understood that you were just a hick town party girl who didn't belong here.
Paulsen: Objection! He's harassing the witness.
Judge Manheim: Sustained. Watch it, Mr. McCoy.
Stephanie: I belong here as much as any of them!
McCoy: Did he tell you he was shipping you out?!
Stephanie: Nobody ships me anywhere!
McCoy: He'd be able to face his friends again, wouldn't he?
Stephanie: Bunch of snobs!
Paulsen: Your honor, may we have a recess?
McCoy: It's not being a snob if they're really better than you!
Stephanie: The women were jealous of me! The men all wanted to get me in bed!
McCoy: And you were happy to oblige!
Stephanie: No! Not anymore! Nobody takes advantage of me anymore!
McCoy: You were on your way back to that souvenir stand, weren't you?! Where you belong?
Stephanie: I am smarter than all of them! They had it handed to them! I had to work for it! They think I was trash! They don't know anything!!

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Tuesday, September 9

Crown Towers Hotel
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Tuesday, September 9

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Canadian Consulate
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Thursday, October 2

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Correctional Facility
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Barnett's Used Cars
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Tuesday, October 21

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Supreme Court
Trial Part 72
Monday, November 17

Supreme Court
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