"Truth or Consequences"
TBJ, Episode 1.04
Production number: 5703
First aired: 18 March 2005
  th of 13 produced in TBJ  
th of 13 released in TBJ
  th of 1106 released in all  
Danny Wallace
Teleplay By
David Wilcox

Story By
David Wilcox & Walon Green

Directed By
Constantine Makris

After a young woman is raped and murdered, A.D.A.s Kibre and Gaffney are puzzled by the triangle of suspects.

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Quotes Edit

"Bitch, I said I was done!"
"You're done when I said you're done, now sit your ass down and answer the questions!"

- Carter McSherry and Tracey Kibre

"You're wasting your time in the D.A.'s office, I could triple what you make."
"You don't want me Norman, I have scruples."
"They have pills for that."

- Norman Rothenberg and Tracey Kibre

Background information and notes Edit

Episode scene cardsEdit

1 2 3

Arraignment Court
Holding Cell
Tuesday, November 16

Home Of
George and Karen Ames
Woodhaven, Queens
Monday, November 23

Tompkins Square Park
East 7th Street & Avenue B
Tuesday, November 30

4 5 6

Chambers Of
Judge William Wright
Friday, December 3

Supreme Court
Trial Part 22
Monday, December 27

Rikers Island
Interview Room
Wednesday, January 5

7 8 9

Tompkins Square Park
East 7th Street & Avenue B
Monday, January 17

Supreme Court
Trial Part 22
Friday, January 28

Supreme Court
Trial Part 22
Friday, February 3

Previous episode:
"Truth or Consequences"
Law & Order: Trial by Jury
Season 1
Next episode:
"Baby Boom"

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