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See Stephen Talmadge

Born Stephen Talmadge, and renamed Tyler Blake by his adoptive parents.

Tyler's father, Robert had affair with his mom Jennifer resulting in his conception. Robert's wife murdered Tyler's mom and put Tyler up for a black market black market adoption. He was adopted into a good family, who did not know that he was put up for adoption following his biological mother's murder, and lived happily with them until he was 11, unaware that he was adopted. During an renewed investigation into his mother death and his disappearance, Tyler was found by SVU detectives led by Captain Donald Cragen. His real father sued for custody and the ADA, Alexandra Cabot, sympathetic to his situation, acted as his lawyer. In a very difficult case, the judge granted Robert custody, with some reluctance. The judge asked that considerations be made so that Tyler could still visit with the parents who had raised him.

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