The Republic of Uganda is a country in central Africa. Its capitol is Kampala.

A former British colony, it faced years of instability ever since gaining its independence, due mainly to hostilities between the Buganda, Luo, and Acholi tribes. In the 1970s, the country became a military dictatorship under Idi Amin, a Luo Muslim. Since his deposition, the Acholis have held political power.

In 1987, the country came under the control of Yoweri Museveni, the leader of the National Resistance Army. Museveni was so hated by the Acholis that a religious movement was born, dedicated to his removal. Initially led by Alice Auma, the Holy Spirit Movement had strange practices (like fighting in cross-shaped formations and using body oils in the belief that they would make soldiers resistant to bullets), but proved surprisingly effective. When Auma was defeated, the HSM's castoffs came under the control of Joseph Kony, who formed the much-feared Lord's Resistance Army, which to this day continues to fight against Museveni's government, using rape and mutilation quite liberally in order to sow fear among the populace.

Helios Defense Industries, a British mercenary company, has an office in Uganda. (SVU: "Harm")

Many of the LRA's soldiers are children like Elijah Okello and Miriam Burdette, who both managed to flee to the United States of America. (SVU: "Hell")

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