UK, Episode 1.02
Production number:
First aired: 2 March 2009
  th of 53 produced in UK  
2nd of 53 released in UK
  th of 1185 released in all  
Written By
Sally Nemeth, Michael S. Chernuchin, Terry Cafolla

Directed By
Andy Goddard


A 13-year-old boy is found kicked to death at Euston station. Mandy, his mother, is a former drug addict and her boyfriend is in the frame as the murderer because he is already suspected of physical abuse towards the victim. At the trial, defence barrister Beatrice McArdle advances a bizarre line of defence - her client is "genetically predisposed" towards murder and, therefore, has no control over their actions.


Main cast

Guest cast





Background information and notes

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Law & Order: UK
Season 1
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