CI, Episode 7.09
Production number: CI7009
First aired: 6 December 2007
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Goren Untethered
Written By
Warren Leight, Charlie Rubin & Diana Son

Directed By
Ken Girotti

Frank Goren convinces Robert to investigate the activities in a prison in upstate New York where his son is being held. While there undercover, Goren personally experiences the conditions there.


Frank Goren, who has unsuccessfully attempted to contact his brother Robert, convinces Eames to intercede on his behalf and convince Robert to talk to him. Robert, still angered by Frank's actions following their mother's death (Endgame), learns that he has a nephew Frank had not mentioned previously. He also learns that this nephew is being held in a prison in upstate New York, and that he claims to have witnessed the guards murder another prisoner and engage in cruel behavior. Robert agrees to do what he can to investigate.

Goren is rebuffed by Captain Ross, as he lacks jurisdiction. He decides to proceed nevertheless, filing off his fingerprints so they will not show he is a police officer. Keeping Eames in the loop, he gets himself arrested and sent to Tates Correctional Facility, the prison in question. Goren ends up locked up and purposefully dehydrated, coming close to dying before a worried Eames tells Captain Ross who forces the warden to release Goren. While the Chief of Detectives promises to look into Tate's activities, he is furious with Goren's actions and suspends him. At the same time Donnie escapes from prison and despite his best efforts, Goren is unable to find him.


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Goren: (yelling at Ross) Are you crazy?! That's not good enough!

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Background information and notes

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