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  • FriendsJoey

    The Episode Order for Law & Order LA is severly messed up, those who know the series are aware of what i'm talking about, here is what I think the episode order should be:

    Original Episode Order
    Fixed Episode Order

    Ep No.

    Original No. New No.

    1 Hollywood
    1 1 Hollywood

    2 Echo Park
    2 2 Echo Park

    3 Harbor City
    3 3 Harbor City

    4 Sylmar
    4 4 Sylmar

    5 Pasadena
    5 5 Pasadena

    6 Hondo Field
    6 6 Hondo Field

    7 Ballona Creek
    7 7 Ballona Creek

    8 Playa Vista
    8 8 Playa Vista

    9 Zuma Canyon Death of Winters
    18 9 Plummer Park

    10 Silver Lake
    19 10 Carthay Circle

    11 East Pasadena
    20 11 El Sereno

    12 Benedict Canyon
    21 12 Van Nuys

    13 Reseda
    22 13 Westwood

    14 Runyon Canyon
    9 14 Zuma Canyon Death of Winters
    15 Hayden Tract Original Season Finale
    10 …

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  • FriendsJoey

    I am so sick and tired of people complaining that SVU has gone downhill since Chris Meloni left. Yes he was actor, yes Stabler was a great character, yes we miss him on the show but it doesn't mean the show sucks, the show is still good, people can't seem to handle change. The original Law and Order had cast changes all the time and i never remember people complaining about it as much as they are about SVU. Get over it!

    By the way if the show sucks so much how come NBC renewed it for a 14th season.

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