• IblisTheEternalSunGod

    I've noticed you have many categories for victims, rape victim and murder victims can't there be an abuse victim too, because there are a lot of pages with just victim when it's physical, I think there should also be an abuse victim.

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  • IblisTheEternalSunGod

    Some may have already seen this, but have you noticed that some of the guest appearances from Law and Order have appeared on the Prequel show Gotham for instance....

    • Harvey Bullock = Declan Murphey/ Gambler's Fallacy

    • Richard Gladwell = Chuckwei Bothame/ Snitch

    • Oswald Cobblepot = Dylan Fuller/ Tramatic Wound

    • Theo Galavan = Dean holiday & Martin Gold/ Vanishing Act & Users

    • Jerome Valeska = Eddie Sandow/ Father's Shadow
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