Law and Order

  • Izzy Ahamd

    Recently announced on tvshowsondvd was the release date of Law & Order's Thirteenth year DVD set. That is the 2002-2003 season that included Fred Dalton Thompson to the cast as District Attorney Arthur Branch. A conservative DA as opposed to the more liberal Nora Lewin and Adam Schiff. I believe this character came at a time he was needed in a post-9/11 time and also so there would be someone who would chalange the views of his more liberal collgues EADA McCoy and the more liberal ADA Southerlyn.

    According to tvshowsondvd, the seperate DVD of season 13 will be released on November 5th later this year. According to tvshowsondvd and, there does not seem to be any extras included in this package. But an important thing to note is th…

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  • Izzy Ahamd

    In Law & Order, the detectives from the 27th Precinct work in a Detectives Squad, meaning that not everyone in that squad is a homicide detective. In a city as large New York City, there can't be just one unit responsible for handling all the murders that take place in that town. That's why they have detective squads in New York and LA. Yes I am aware of the infamous Robbery Homicide Division in LA, but there are also detective squads located in different precints throughout the city. (Read Micheal Connelly's earier Harry Bosch Novels.) So who ever is running this Wikia, please change that about the 27th precinct and the detectives, who are Homicide detectives part of the 27th's Precinct's Detectives Squad.

    And Just a Tidbit for the fans:


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