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    After a high-profile gig on Grey's Anatomy, T.R. Knight left the medical procedural and went off television to return to theater. Now, the veteran actor will be marking his return to TV with a guest gig on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit!

    Playing a role quite different from Dr. George O'Malley, T.R. Knight will play a man accused of being a serial rapist in an episode airing this fall.

    Meanwhile, the absence of Elliot Stabler will be deeply felt by Olivia and the rest of the squad when SVU returns in the fall. Although we have two new detectives to look forward to, Stabler will be deeply missed after a 12-year run at SVU!

    Are you looking forward to seeing T.R. Knight? What about Danny Pino or Kelli Giddish as the new Stabler and Bensen? See…

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    Losing Chris Meloni

    May 25, 2011 by Kate.moon

    Can you believe it Christopher Meloni fans!?!? Shortly after learning that Mariska Hargitay is taking a smaller role on SVU, TV Line broke news that Chris Meloni will NOT be returning for SVU's next season!!

    After 12 years as Elliot Stabler, Chris will be leaving after negotiations with NBC fell through. We still don't know if this will affect Mariska Hargitay's contract and she's only signed on for 13 episodes for Season 13! I can't believe SVU's taken such a turn after 12 solid years.

    What do you think, fans?? Who should replace Stabler and will you still watch SVU??

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  • Kate.moon

    Breathe easy, Law and Order: SVU fans! Mariska Hargitay isn't leaving the show...but she IS in talks for taking on a slightly different role on SVU. While Christopher Meloni has yet to sign on for Season 13, Mariska Hargitay just inked a new deal with NBC...with a twist.

    While Olivia Benson will be a regular fixture, she'll be passing on her detective role to a new female detective, very likely...Jennifer Love Hewitt!? Now that's a strange combination; can you imagine her and Chris Meloni as partners? Meanwhile, Olivia will be promoted to a supervisor role.

    What do you think Law and Order fans? Could Jennifer Love Hewitt be a suitable replacement for our Mariska? Let's soak in all the Benson-Stabler partnership we can!


    18:00, May 16, 2…
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