• StablerBenson

    Our Christopher Meloni has clear up the rumors of he going out of SVU. All of the rumors started when an Australian reporter misunderstood some coments form Meloni, here it is the what we are waiting for: The evidence:

    "It was rumored that Season 12 may be the last for Meloni after comments to an Australian reporter were misunderstood. Meloni commented that "I think 12 years is enough, a good number" in the Australian newspaper Courier-Mail. Meloni later clarified that at the time he had one year left on his contract and the show hadn't been picked up. "It wasn't [the reporter's] fault." and that he would continue on the show so long as it was picked up.When asked in an interview to Mariska Hargitay if she could envision doing the show with…

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