Valerie Sennet
Name Valerie Sennet
Family Miles Sennet (ex-husband)
Tessa Sennet (daughter)
Unnamed parents-in-law
Status Deceased
Actor Michael Michele
First Appearance "Burned"

Valerie Sennet was a woman who deliberately and falsely accused her ex-husband, Miles, of breaking into her house and raping her.


She had a twelve-year-old daughter with Miles, named Tessa. Valerie had a restraining order against Miles due to his violent outbursts caused by drugs and alcohol. The restraining order had no extension due to the judge believing that Valerie was abusing the system in order to get what she wants.

Later, Valerie recants her accusation after the detectives talk to Tessa without her permission. She is later arrested for filing a false report, which is later dropped. Miles is arrested and charged with raping Valerie. While he is out on bail, he sets Valerie on fire and takes Tessa.

Valerie suffered from severe burns to her body and the doctors believed that she would not survive for very long. When Olivia Benson asks Valerie if Miles raped her, she lies again and says that he did. Later, it is revealed that Valerie was never raped by Miles at all. She was then found to have been having a sexual relationship with an investigator, Phillip Anderson, from her attorney's office. Near the end of the episode, it was confirmed by Elliot Stabler that Valerie died in the Burn Unit.

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