"Vanishing Act"
CI, Episode 7.17
Production number: CI7017
First aired: 20 July 2008
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Dean Holiday
Written By
Warren Leight & Jerome Hairston

Directed By
Peter Werner


Goren and Eames enter into the sleight-of-hand world of prestidigitation when a celebrity illusionist vanishes during his own magic stunt.


Main cast

Recurring cast

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"Miles Stone's the next Houdini. When he's out, I'll buy him a Martini. Just how long can he stay under? That's what makes this cowboy wonder."
Naked Cowboy
"Did you all come in the same cab?"
Carmine looking at his miniscule audience
"Clearly Miranda has grown to big for her britches. I say it's time we... cut her down to size."
Alexandra Eames: How'd you find her? Craigslist?
Carmine: Who's Craig?

Background information and notes

  • Holiday makes reference to Eames having trust problems with and feeling betrayed by "a man close to her", a reference to Goren's behavior in "Purgatory".
  • The episode title "Vanishing Act" refers to a magic trick magicians used for themselves to make any object disappear. In the episode there are notable references such as the disappearance of Miles Stone's body in the teaser, Carmine disappearing from his holding cell, and Miles's casket trick that fools everyone to believe he was at the graveyard, but he originally made a hidden tunnel to an old pawn shop where the trick happened the entire time.
  • This is the 150th episode.

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