Velez Cartel
Name Velez Cartel
Occupation Drug cartel
Pathology Murderers
Status All imprisoned for life or deceased
First Appearance "Loss"
Last Appearance "Ghost"

Velez Cartel was a drug cartel featured prominently in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Their crimes range from drug trafficking, rape, and murder.


The Velez Cartel first came into SVU's crosshairs when the manager of their American interests, Rafael Zapata, raped and killed an undercover cop named Livia Sandoval. They eventually connected Livia to Zapata and arrest him for murder thanks to DEA agent Tim Donovan. Zapata eventually found this out and killed Agent Donovan with a car bomb. He later put a hit out on ADA Alexandra Cabot when she antagonized him over his bedroom problems. Rafael was eventually arrested for Donovan's murder and looked like he was going to make a deal, but the hit on Cabot was still carried out by Liam Connors. Zapata later died in prison from unknown causes, while everyone assumed Alex died as well. In reality, she was moved into witness protection. (SVU: "Loss")

A year later, Velez ordered Connors to kill a couple who stole his money and the people who recommended them. When Connors was arrested, Velez ordered a hit on the one witness to all of the murders, but the hit failed. Connors was later arrested for Cabot's murder but the charge was later amended to assault in the first degree after Cabot was publicly revealed to be alive. Connors was eventually convicted on all six counts after Cabot and Antonio testified and Cabot was able to goad him into a confrontation. (SVU: "Ghost")

It is later revealed that Velez had eventually been convicted, extradited, and later died during his prison sentence. In the meantime, Connors was extradited back to Ireland to serve out the remainder of his life sentence. (SVU: "Lead")

Known MembersEdit

Known AssociatesEdit

  • Livia Sandoval (Rafael's girlfriend and an undercover DEA agent)
  • Elena Brevet (con-woman who was trusted by the Montoyas to launder Velez's money)
  • Jason Brevet (con-man who was trusted by the Montoyas to launder Velez's money)
  • Sergio Montoya (entrusted by Velez to have his money laundered)

Known VictimsEdit

  • Unspecified dates:
    • Presumably killed numerous other unnamed people
    • Unnamed judge (murdered by Velez)
    • Unnamed CIA informant (murdered by Velez)
    • 24 unnamed victims (murdered by Connors)
    • Unnamed DEA agent (murdered by Connors)
    • Unnamed person (murdered by an unknown assailant)
  • 2003:
    • September 21: Livia Sandoval (raped and beaten to death by Zapata)
    • September 24: DEA Agent Tim Donovan (blown up with a car bomb by Zapata)
    • September 29: ADA Alexandra Cabot (assaulted; shot in a drive-by by Connors)
  • 2005:
    • January 9: Elena Brevet (raped, beaten, stabbed 17 times in the torso and breasts, and throat slashed by Connors)
    • January 10:
      • Jason Brevet (bashed over the head, tortured by stabbing, and slashed his throat by Connors)
      • The Montoyas (all shot once in the head by Connors):
        • Sergio Montoya
        • Mrs. Montoya
        • Antonio Montoya (survived; later almost shot in a drive-by by an unknown assailant)


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