L&O, Episode 2.16
Production number: 67420
First aired: 18 February 1992
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Stone Vengeance
Teleplay By
Michael S. Chernuchin & René Balcer

Story By
Peter S. Greenberg & Michael S. Chernuchin

Directed By
Daniel Sackheim

The grieving parents of a murdered woman want her killer extradicted to Connecticut so that they can pursue the death penalty.




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"The guys in Brooklyn were lucky. They got the Son of Sam on parking tickets."
"Yeah, six months and six bodies later."

- Mike Logan and Donald Cragen

"I loved him. I didn't know"
"Didn't know what?"
"That he was an animal."

- Sara Cheney and Benjamin Stone

"You would prefer that I let O'Connell try this case?"

"The courts are not your personal soapbox."
"Have you heard me preach?"
"Better we bend the system then risk letting him walk because of some unfounded morality."
"Yeah, but who's preaching now? You’re not talking about convicting him, you're talking about killing him."
"I think my tax dollars can be put to better use than clothing, housing, and feeding Albert Cheney. Now maybe I’m just pragmatic."
"The cost to the state of a capital trial is roughly $1.8 million dollars. That is twice the cost of an average life imprisonment. Now who's being pragmatic here?"
"Maybe the Breams are entitled to a little vengeance."
"Oh, 'Do unto others as they did unto you?’ We burn the homes of arsonists? We sexually abuse those who rape?"
"You're rationalizing."
"Maybe. But the New York State Court of Appeals says the death penalty is cruel and inhuman."
"And what do you say?"
"And I say we uphold the laws of this state!"

- Benjamin Stone and Paul Robinette

"How could I forget? Sally Kessler, eighteen years old, a Hermès tie wrapped around her neck, dumped naked into a recycling bin behind Nathan's out at Coney Island."
"He's using wire now."
"Times is hard."

- Fleischman and Paul Robinette

"Bottom line, Your Honor, Albert Cheney is of no use to anyone alive."
"Is this forum shopping? This is a criminal case."
"Yes, I know Mr. Stone, and this is a civil court. Why you want to keep Albert Cheney alive is beyond me. I, for one, wouldn't lose any sleep if they flipped the switch."
"That's not relevant, Your Honor!"
"I know. Unfortunately, Mr. Stone has met the burden required by law for a restraining order. As such, I am forced to grant his motion. The case against Albert Cheney stays put. May God help both of us if you lose that trial, Mr. Stone."

- Jack O'Connell, Benjamin Stone and Warren Pursley

"So much for victims' rights."
"Dead people don’t have any, my boy."

- Paul Robinette and Adam Schiff

"Tell me about this building, okay? Anybody hanging around who didn’t belong?"
"On the Upper West Side? You want 'em all, or just the ones that talk to themselves?"

- Phil Cerreta and Elevator Repairman

Background information and notes

  • This episode seems to be based on the Albert DeSalvo case. DeSalvo, who confessed to being the Boston Strangler that had terrorized Boston in the 1960's whose M.O. was to talk this way into victims apartments by pretending to be a maintenance man. (Source: Albert DeSalvo at Wikipedia)
  • The episode title "Vengeance" is a reference to the revenge the parents want for their murdered daughter. They wanted to avenge her death by moving the trial to a different state where the death penalty still exists.
Cragen Cerreta Cheney Vengeance

Donald Cragen and Phil Cerreta interrogate Albert Lawrence Cheney

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Supreme Court
Civil Term
Wednesday, March 6

Supreme Court
Trial Part 62
Monday, March 18

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