Vicki Harris
Name Vicki Harris
Occupation Student
Prostitute (formally)
Family Linda Harris (mother)
Jason Harris (father)
Status Alive
Actor Kay Panabaker
First Appearance "Spiraling Down"

Vicki Harris is a 14-year-old girl who was forced into prostitution by her boyfriend/pimp Tre Davis.


When she first came to New York on a school trip, Vicki met Tre Davis and started a relationship with him. He eventually forced her to have sex with his friends and then strangers for money. When she told Tre she didn't want to be a prostitute anymore, he started to beat her. When she is reported missing by her father, the SVU detectives are able to contact her cellphone, but when Tre finds out, he beats her again. When she is found, she claims that she is okay but is rescued anyway. At first, Vicki refuses to help the detectives build a case against Tre because she still believes they are in love. Eventually, it is revealed to her that Tre is married, which causes Vicki to realize that he doesn't love her and she agrees to testify against Tre and the johns she had sex with. When she testifies against Jake Stanton, Bayard Ellis asks if she told him that she was underage and she says she didn't. Jake is found not guilty, much to Vicki's father's dismay. She later testifies against the other johns she was forced to have sex with, including Ronald Erikston and Paul Granory. (SVU: "Spiraling Down")

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