Victor Rodchenko
Name Victor Rodchenko
Affiliation New York City Police Department
Division Auxiliary Police Unit
Precinct 74th Precinct
Occupation Auxiliary police officer
Pathology Murderer
Family Unnamed family
Status Imprisoned
Actor Daniel Sauli
First Appearance "Illegal"

Officer Victor Rodchenko was an officer of the Auxiliary Police Unit.


Originally from Bosnia, Victor Rodchenko and his family moved the United States when he was ten years old. Feeling a great love for his adopted home country, he tried to become an NYPD police officer as an adult, but was only able to make it into the Auxiliaries in the 74th Precinct. Despite this, he sought to improve himself, and thus worked to obtain a Glock, hoping that eventually he'd make it into the "real" units. According to his superior, Rodchenko was an upstanding officer.

Things fell apart for Rodchenko when his unit was called in to assist in crowd control during a pro-immigration rally. He was struck by a bottle thrown by Ignacio Perez, a two-time felon, and in the subsequent confusion heard the commander of another police unit give the "Green Light" command. Rodchenko claims he mistook this as a command directed at him, and fired his Glock twice. One bullet grazed Perez's leg, while the other struck and killed Maria Soriano, a Salvadorean-born accountant.

Rodchenko was subsequently tried for his actions, and ultimately convicted of manslaughter and assault. (L&O: "Illegal")

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