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Victor Vargas
Victor Vargas
Name Victor Montero
Title Victor Vargas
Occupation Political bundler
Civil attorney (disbarred)
Pathology Triple murderer
White collar criminal
Corrupt attorney
Con artist
Status Permanently disbarred
Imprisoned for life
Actor John Ortiz
First Appearance "Political Animal"

Victor Vargas Montero is a con artist and triple murderer with a history of running financial scams.


Montero grew up Coral Gables, Florida where he started stealing from investors in an imports racket he worked for. When he was caught, arrested, and convicted of fraud in 1998, Montero skipped bail, changed his name and moved to an unknown part of the U.S. where he earned a law degree and became a civil attorney. Montero eventually started stealing money from clients for which he was disbarred in 2003. He eventually moved to New York and used his real name while his last name was actually his middle name: Vargas.

Montero became a bundler for various political campaign fundraisers. Eventually, Montero liked the attention he got working for politicians. He started stealing money from people in order to increase the donations made to campaigns and elevate his profile. Through one of his politicians, State Assemblyman Jim Gilles, Montero met Todd Stewart who introduced him to his roommate Sean Witt in 2008. Montero convinced Witt to invest $5,000,000 with him and even convinced Witt's colleague, Josh Pearlberg, to invest $20,000,000 with him. Witt realized the scam Montero was running and eventually discovered Montero's real identity. Witt tried to blackmail Vargas into giving him his money back and Vaegas realized he had to kill him.

Political AnimalEdit

Montero broke into Witt's apartment and shot him to death. Wittt's roommates, Todd Stewart and Dan Pressman, showed up unexpectedly so Montero killed them too. Montero then tried to stage the scene like Pressman killed the other two and then killed himself. Detectives Green and Lupo interview him about the murders, Montero realizes the frame didn't work. Montero tries to subtly point them to Stewart's closet boyfriend, State Assemblyman Jim Gilles, by falsely telling them Gilles and Stewart were arguing the night of the murder. At the U.S. Senator Melanie Carver's political preparation, the Detectives interview him after they discover Witt was his client. Montero acts like he doesn't know what they are talking about and when they ask about his alibi he claims he was doing a cleanup of the last event and talked to a candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Franklin Slater. Montero is arrested on an open bench warrant for skipping bail as he is walking Senator Carver down the red carpet.

At his arraignment,he tries to claim he the whole thing is a mistake and was cleared up years ago. The judge sets bail at $3,000,000 and rules they will reconvene on extradition. Montero posts bail and sends letters to Pearlburg, EADA Michael Cutter, and his defense attorney Sylvia Standish apologizing for the inconvenience and claiming he is going to South Africa. He then goes to a client's apartment and shallows a bunch of pills trying to kill himself. The police and prosecutors arrive in time to save him and he is arrested for murder. At his second arraignment, he fires his attorney and opts to represent himself. He meets with EADA Cutter and ADA Connie Rubirosa where he smugly states they have no case. At trial, he claims Slater had motive to kill Witt because Witt called him the night of the murder, warning him not to spend the money Montero raised for him. Montero claims this would have caused major setbacks in his campaign in addition to the fact the man who raised the funds was a crook. Montero then delivers the rest of his witness list, which includes his politician clients.

Montero calls Senator Carver to the stand and basically calls she didn't want to know about Montero's past because of the money. Montero claims she killed Witt to keep the money coming despite who Montero was and using his political connections, including DA Jack McCoy, to protect herself. McCoy calls Montero to his office and has Senator Carver meet Montero in the bathroom. Carver tells him he ruined her campaign and McCoy is now indicting her for running a corrupt enterprise. Carver begs him to do the right thing and he simply says it is part of the game. Unbeknownst to Montero, McCoy has Carver wear a wire and uses it at his trial. Montero testifies that he doesn't think his clients killed Witt and he didn't either. Cutter then uses his love of his job to make him crack on the stand and Montero begs Carver to say she liked him. The jury eventually finds him guilty on all counts and he is sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

Known VictimsEdit

  • October 9th, 2008: The apartment shooting (three fatalities):
    • Sean Witt (shot once in the chest)
    • Todd Stewart (shot four times in he chest)
    • Dan Pressman (shot once in the head)

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