Violet Tremain is the mother of Nina Tremain. She lost her husband in a car accident which injured her back. Violet used drugs to help treat her injury, but she got addicted. She decided to go to rehab, but didn't want to leave Nina in foster care, so she left her with an elderly neighbor, Mrs. Hawkins.

Nina and Violet used to write letters together, but then the letters got sent back. Violet left rehab to see Nina, but soon discovered that Mrs. Hawkins had died and no one knew what happened to Nina. Violet first believed that Cherish Doe was her daughter, but was later identified as a young girl named Susie Marshall.

It is revealed that Nina was kidnapped by a man named Terry Jessup who is also responsible for the death of Susie Marshall. Fin is able to rescue Nina and return her to Violet. (SVU: "Dolls")

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