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Vivian Arliss

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Vivian Arliss
Trophy Benson and Vivian
Name Vivian Arliss
Pathology Drug addict
Family Walter Burlock (father, deceased)
Joan Arliss (mother, deceased)
Calvin Arliss (son)
Status Alive
Actor Maria Bello
First Appearance Trophy
Last Appearance Rescue

Vivian Arliss is the drug addict mother of Calvin Arliss, who temporarily gave custody to Olivia Benson. Like Benson, her birth was the result of rape. She first appeared caring for her dying mother who was raped 40 years ago and when Olivia told her the reason for her visit, Vivian did the math then realized why her mother hated her all of her life. Olivia suspected Vivian was her half sister, but a DNA test proved her wrong. She was then a suspect in her 'real' dad's murder. Later when Calvin's father killed her lover she blamed Olivia and gave custody rights of Calvin to his paternal grandparents, leaving Olivia and Calvin heartbroken.

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