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SVU, Episode 7.21
Production number: 07022
First aired: 9 May 2006
  th of 348 produced in SVU  
th of 348 released in SVU
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Donna Geysen
Written By
Paul Grellong

Directed By
Peter Leto

Plot Edit

When an eight-year-old propositions a male classmate, Stabler and Tutuola are called in to investigate the case and soon learn that Jake Winnock's father spent seven years in prison for molesting his older brother, Teddy. D.N.A. tests clear Gregory Hensal of abusing his youngest son, but it instead implicates Jake's older brother, whom detectives soon learn has been running his own personal Internet pornography site. T.A.R.U. tech Ruben Morales joins the detectives in their search for Teddy after he goes missing, but his own guilt about his nephew's molestation after being raped by an online predator he met using the computer Morales had given him colors his judgment when dealing with one of the suspects.

Summary Edit

Episode summary

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Quotes Edit


Fin catches alleged pedophile at McDonalds:

Fin: 4 packs of coolers and a pack of condoms. What do you plan on getting frisky with the Hamburglar?

Benson finds that her desk is still empty.
Benson: I wasn't planning on coming back.
Stabler: It's in your blood.
Benson: That's the problem.

Background information and notes Edit

  • Olivia returns to the squad at the end of the episode.

Episode scene cards Edit

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Hensal Residence
Queens, New York
Monday, April 17

Office of the
Medical Examiner
Monday, April 17

Eagle Plaza Apartments
548 East 11th Street
Wednesday, April 19

CPU Crimes Unit
Wednesday, April 19

St. Mark's Hospital
Teddy Winnock's Room
Thursday, April 20

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