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Wesley Jansen
Wesley Jansen
Name Wesley Jansen
Occupation Pornstar
Family Jaina Jansen (wife)
Mara Jansen (daughter)
Chester Jansen (father)
Mrs. Jansen (mother)
Status Alive
Actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar
First Appearance "Sacrifice"

Wesley Jansen (aka Peter Ivanhoe) is a family man in a tough situation. He ran away from home in his late teens to be with his childhood sweetheart, Jaina. They had a daughter who was born with cystic fibrosis. With no health insurance, he and his wife became porn stars to pay the bills. (SVU: "Sacrifice")

Wesley feuded with Jaina's boss, Cal Oman. Wesley wanted Jaina to stop doing porn to preserve her reputation, and demanded that Cal pay Jaina fairly. Wesley was soon gang-raped and shot by Cal's thugs. This brought attention from the Special Victims Unit; Wesley feared Cal would go after his family if Cal found out about the police.

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