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William Taverts
Name William Taverts
Title Lieutenant
Affiliation United States Coast Guard
Occupation Solider
Pathology Rapist
Proxy rapist
Status Imprisoned
Actor Terry Serpico
First Appearance Military Justice

Lieutenant William Taverts is a Commander in the United States Army, who used his position to rape female cadets and ordered some of his cadets to gang rape Junior Officer Amelia Albers.

History Edit

When Amelia Albers becomes a junior officer at the military base he runs, Taverts continually tried to get her to sleep with him but she refused, when she refused he told her that nobody says no to a lieutenant and devises a plan to rape her. When Albers and three other officers go on leave and have fun in a bar, Taverts meets them after they leave the bar where he rapes her while the one of his officers, who was a homosexual, held her arms down and Taverts then had the two other officers rape her. When Captain Donald Cragen and the SVU detectives arrive at the military base to investigate what happened to Albers, Taverts claims that none of his officers did anything to her and he hinders the detectives investigation of Albers assault. When Albers finally reveals that Taverts raped her and that he got her fellow officers to participate in the assault they are arrested.

But before the case can go to trial Taverts has military police officers arrest Albers because one of the officers who sexually assaulted her was married but eventually A.D.A. Rafael Barba the SVU detectives are able to get her released on her own recognisance. In court Taverts and the officers who raped Albers are defended by John Buchanan who claims that the sex was consensual and that she only said she was raped because she was embarrassed. Taverns then goes up to Albers father, Admiral Vincent Albers, and claims that his daughter was not suited to be in the military to the point where Vincent Albers punches him in the face, which knocks him to the floor. Eventually Taverts and the officers are convicted for the rape of Amelia Albers. (SVU: "Military Justice")

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