Zachary Connor
Name Zachary Connor
Pathology Murderer
Status Institutionalized
Actor Connor Paolo
First Appearance "Juvenile"

Zachary Connor was a 12-year-old rapist, burglar, and murderer. He convinced his friend Jeremy Brice to help him burglarize the apartment of a woman named Susan Oestreicher he mistook for a drug dealer. When the woman came home and interrupted him, he demanded to know where she kept her drug money. He beat her with a telephone and raped her. Finally, Jeremy gave him a kitchen knife, and Zachary stabbed her with it 38 times. Zachary agreed to testify against his accomplice, who in turn blamed him for the crime.

Because he was younger than 13, and because of his testimony against Jeremy, he could not be charged as an adult with the felonies. He is currently serving his sentence in a psychiatric facility.

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